March 2014 Newsletter

True Love Childcare

Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                       April 2014

Life Groups

Let’s live life together. If you are seeking a purpose in life or just wanting to grow spiritually, True Love Christian Church has just started a new life group series entitled “Max on Life”.

In the Max on Life DVD-based study, Max Lucado addresses questions about the role of prayer, the purpose of pain, and the reason for our ultimate hope. He responds to the day-to-day questions-parenting quandaries, difficult relationships-as well as to the profound.

With four sessions featuring real-life stories of people who have faced the situations that give birth to some of our biggest questions about life and faith, Max on Life is the perfect small group study for both new and mature believers.

April Birthdays

Julia               April 21

Andres            April 28









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Pastors Corner

Thank you to all of the staff, parents, and volunteers that help make our kids learning a major success. Your hard work and dedication make learning a reality for your child. The TLC Fast is coming up and I do not want you to miss out on this time of Spiritual Renewal. I am excited about the things that God is doing with our church and I would love for all of you to continue being a part.

Expecting Great,

Pastor E

Eric D. Lacy, Pastor/Director

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you wonder how you can be a part of God’s ministry? If so, then TLC has many opportunities to serve God’s people. Whether you like kids, love to sing, or just very comfortable with computer programs we have a place for you to utilize your talents. If you wouldlike to volunteer your time, please contact Sis. Ariana



Ms. Tesha

Studies show that the average child is ready to be potty trained between 18-24 Months. More important than age is when your child begins to show signs emotionally and developmentally that they are ready. Some clues include: diaper staying dry for several hours and saying bathroom words such as pee, poop and wet (or terms your family uses). If you have seen any of these signs, then let’s give it a go.

If you are interested in potty training your child, please send pull-up so that we can work at school as well as at home.

(Please return Friday folders every Monday)


Ms. Jerry/ Ms. Brenda

Tips to ensure that your child’s growth is fueled by nutritious food and healthy habits.

1. Eat nutritious family meals together. When children eat with their families, they often have more varied and nutritious meals.

2. Be willing to serve a variety of healthy foods even if you don’t necessarily care for them yourself.

3. Provide a balanced diet for your child by offering item from all food groups.

4. Encourage plenty of active play. About an hour a day


Pre- K

Ms. Pia

Physical Health:

Preschoolers are able to use their bodies and senses in multiple ways to understand and interact with the world around them. They have great energy and enthusiasm that require their physical conditions be maintained.

  • Kicking a ball

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  • Developing self-care skills
  • Using their words to get help (when needed)
  • Showing the ability to follow multiple step commands

When you are home, just sit down for a moment and ask yourself what kinds of foods does your child select for themselves? What visual skills do they display? Do you see any signs that he/she is having trouble seeing? Can he/she communicate with full sentences and tell you what they need?



Top 5 Reasons why homework is important

  1. It improves your child’s thinking and memory
  2. It helps your child develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well throughout life.
  3. Homework encourages your child to use their time wisely.
  4. It teaches your child to work independently.
  5. It teaches your child to take responsibility for their work.


True Love Cares

True Love has partnered with various ministries throughout the church to do community service outreach programs. If you would like the opportunity to give back to your community, please see Ariana and she can help you choose the group that best suits your needs.


Connection Sunday

1st Sunday     – TLCC Foundation Vision

2nd Sunday- TLCC and it’s Ministries

3rd Sunday- Spiritual Gifts Assessment

4th Sunday- Spiritual Maturity/4 Habits of a Disciple


























Resurrection Sunday Video 2014

Come celebrate with us on Resurrection Sunday! Check out all the activities we have going on.